How Safe Is Pretoria

How Safe Is Pretoria, Check If Pretoria Is Safe For Tourists And Individuals

In our guide today, we will answer the question, ‘How safe is Pretoria?’ in South Africa.

The guide also shows you the common safety issues in the city and the precautions to take to reduce insecurity.

Safe’ is a relative term when talking about a city’s safety.

How Safe Is Pretoria 

Certain areas in the city have higher crime rates or incidences of violent crimes.

Some areas are, however, seen as safe, and the risks are slightly lower.

Overly Pretoria is ranked as a high-risk city with extremely high crime rates, with the main problems being corruption, vandalism, attacks, and robberies.

You are advised to take extreme caution when in Pretoria.

This answers the question of ‘How safe is Pretoria; in South Africa?

What Are The Common Safety Issues

Public transport in the country is where many criminal activities such as robberies, assaults, and accidents.

Reports have been made of luggage theft at the airports and assaults and robberies on rails and metro trains.

Pick pockets are on a decline but still occur in crowded places such as markets, public transport, and bus and train stations.

Female tourists have reported rape in some city streets, so you are discouraged from solo trips through the poorly lit streets.

There are a couple of popular scams, especially the so-called ‘strollers,’ which can be anyone from children to junkies.

Food and drink spiking, and then after that, one is assaulted and robbed of their valuables.

These are the common safety issues in Pretoria, South Africa.

What Precautions To Take In Pretoria 

Never leave your luggage unattended when in the hotel, and store the valuables in the hotel’s safety deposit box.

Keep your room locked t all times, and when you go out, try and obtain a route map before you set out and plan your tour.

In the streets, keep your valuables tucked away where no one can see them and carry a traveler’s check rather than large sums of money.

Try exploring the city in groups and stick to well-lit streets, especially at night.

Consult the hotel management or the nearest tourism information office about a reliable taxi service to use around the city.

When in a car, keep the door locked at all times, the windows closed, and lock valuable items in the boot.

This is all you need to know about the issue of safety in Pretoria, South Africa.