Pretoria Postal Code

Pretoria Postal Code, Find The Official Area Code For Pretoria

Check out this quick guide if you want to know the Pretoria postal code in South Africa.

Specifically, postal codes in South Africa and Pretoria at large are unique per suburb.

Each suburb in Pretoria has a different code from that in the city center and PO Box and Private Bag addresses.

Pretoria Postal Code

When addressing letters, you don’t have to include ‘Pretoria’ but only the suburb name and postcode.

The codes differ depending on whether you send an item to a street address or a post box.

Pretoria’s postal code varies between 0001 – 0186.

The postcode for central Pretoria is 0002 street address and 0001 PO Box.

One code covers a reasonable area similar to the area a post office will provide services to local customers.

This is the Pretoria postal code in South Africa.

What Is The Format

In major cities in SA, the area code for street addresses ends in the digit ‘1’ while the postcode for PO Box ends in the digit ‘0’.

This is, however, not applied in Pretoria as it would not be practical for the area code for PO Box to be’0000′.

In this city, therefore, the Postcode for Street addresses ends with ‘2’, and the code for PO Box addresses ends with ‘1’.

This is the format for writing the Pretoria postcode in South Africa.

How To Get The Right Pretoria Postal Code

Considering that the area codes in Pretoria differ from the suburbs in the region, it might be difficult for you to know the right code to use in the area where you want to send something.

It is, therefore, advisable for you to use google to get the correct code for the suburb you want to use.

When writing the postal code for Pretoria city center, it will appear as follows:

    320 Pretorius Street

    Pretoria 0002

    PO Box 2600

    Pretoria 0001

This is all the information you need to know about the Pretoria Postal code in South Africa.